International Residential Complex Rosinka
Your Home in Russia

Welcome to International Residential Complex Rosinka — cosy and comfortable out-of-town residence for the whole family.

Rosinka was founded in 1990 and since then has been providing chief executives of the leading global corporations, diplomats and businessmen with secure life, international level of services and community spirit.

Rosinka is composed of around 360 housing estates for families from 30 countries which enjoy the atmosphere of fellowship and community spirit. It was created and has been cultivated since the foundation of the complex by both: the tenants and the Rosinka team.

Family community spirit, club-house system of residency, diverse social environment — these are the main features of Rosinka social life. Holidays and exhibitions, sports tournaments and cultural events unite our tenants into a close-knit community.

The cosiness and security of one`s home constitute the basic principles of the Rosinka life. That is why there are set rules and regulations signed by all our tenants.

International Residential Complex Rosinka is Your Home in Russia.